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Join Sea Scouts - Recruiting Now

Recruiting Crew Members for Sailing Season
Old Point Comfort Yacht Club
Fort Monroe

Looking for Youth to Join Sea Scouts at Fort Monroe

Sea Scout Ship 1610 is accepting applications for the upcoming sailing season.  Families with boys and girls ages 14 and over are invited to come and meet the crew, tour our vessels, and see if this is the adventure they would like to join.  Although a youth can join at any time, joining early allows some time for basic seamanship training before participating in the sailing activities.

Directions can be found on the flyer and below on this page.

Want to join now?  Click on the online application link below.

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The Best of Scouting

It is no secret that for ages, humans have been attracted by the sea. The biggest surprise is that there is a safe and fun program for the family to explore activities like sailing, cruising, motorboating, and swimming available with Sea Scouts.

What is Sea Scouting?

Sea Scouting is a part of the Boy Scouts of America for boys and girls between 13 and 20 years old. The mission of Sea Scouts is to prepare young people to make ethical decisions throughout their lifetimes in accordance with the Scout Oath and Law. Sea Scouting delivers this message through a safe and fun maritime program which is rich with the traditions of the sea.

What do Sea Scouts do?

The emphasis of Sea Scout Ship 1610 is the art of sailing. Expect hands-on instruction in piloting, coastal navigation, cruising, racing, meteorology, hydrology, and radio communications. A time tested advancement program can prepare you for a creer in the Navy, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine. In fact, exemplary achievement in Sea Scouts can equate into a boost in rank when joining the service.

How do I join?

If your want to share in the adventure of the sea, email the Skipper (at to learn when and where the Ship meets. Come visit a meeting to see how our members, and not the adults, run the show before making your decision to join.

Ship Meetings


Ship meetings are most Sunday afternoons 1-5 PM at the Old Point Comfort Marina, 100 McNair Drive, Fort Monroe, Hampton, VA 23651.  At these meetings, the crew practices boating skills, performs maintenance on their vessels, works on projects, and has fun.

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These meetings are activities; we don't just sit around.


Vessel Safety Check
Engine and Systems Checkout
Pre-underway Checklist
Getting Underway
Raising & Lowering Sails
Docking and Undocking
Dead Reckoning and Navigating a Channel
GPS Electronic Navigation
Knots and Marlinspike
Watchstanding and Logkeeping
VHF Radio Communications