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Boater Safety Course

You can get your Boater Safety Education card by either completing an online course or attending and passing a classroom course.
Completing this course is a major milestone toward completing Ordinary Rank and earning your Qualified Seaman Bar.  Adults need to take this course to to be the responsible adult aboard a Sea Scout vessel.

Online Courses:
A free online course is offered by Boat US. <Click Here>

Classroom Courses:
State courses can be found on the registration website. <Click Here>

Legal Requirement. <Click Here>
Steps to meet the requirement. <Click Here>

School of the Boat Instructor Guide

Icon File Name Comment  
SotB Instruction Guide v2.pdf Download Instruction Guide  

New Member Training Supplement

Icon File Name Comment  
SotB Quick Reference Supplement v4.pdf Download Quick Reference Supplement  

Venturing Youth Protection Training - Online

Venturing Youth Protection training (code Y02) is required for each registered Sea Scout leader and every Sea Scout 18 and over; and is recommended for every parent.  

Registered leaders and Sea Scouts 18 and over need to take this course every year.  To make the annual recharter process smooth, please complete this course before the end of October.

The course take about 30 minutes.  There is a test at the end.  If you successfully complete the training, please print out the certificate and give me a copy.

Click the link below:


9/2/15 – The E-Learning feature is now available in 
Training courses can be completed online at my.Scouting Tools by selecting Home, then My Dashboard.  See example login screen below.  If new to Scouting, then you need to create an account.

8/11/15 E-Learning Training Available on My.Scouting Tools!
E-Learning training courses are now available to take online at my.Scouting Tools. Once logged in, training courses can be found by selecting the Home button in the upper left corner, then My Dashboard in the menu list. 

6/22/2015 My.Scouting Tools Enhancements
Create Account - Enhancements were made to the create account process providing a new look and feel.  As a result, you may be redirected to the new My Account feature upon login and prompted to answer your security questions before allowing access to my.Scouting Tools. The My Account feature is incorporated with the My Dashboard tool and accessible in the menu list should you want to update your password or security questions at any time.